An artist and a chemist making soda and carbonated juices from scratch, using fresh and seasonal ingredients. Fresh draft soda - available at the Brooklyn Flea on the weekends & select bars & restaurants

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ranked #1! thanks Adam Platt. And we will be at the Flea this Saturday

It's been an exciting week - we found out that the chief restaurant critic for New York magazine ranked us #1 in his taste test of eight local New York soda's!
And yes, we will be there this coming Saturday (july 31st) with the watermelon, tarragon and lemon flavor, and another one that we're still cooking up.

So thanks again to everyone who's supported us through our mad-cap adventure. What started as an attempt to brew ginger beer last winter has become quite a project, and we're constantly amazed at the response we've received!

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  1. That is really awesome. Congratulations. Waiting for these sodas to travel west...