An artist and a chemist making soda and carbonated juices from scratch, using fresh and seasonal ingredients. Fresh draft soda - available at the Brooklyn Flea on the weekends & select bars & restaurants

Monday, October 31, 2011

Beer Table Tasting Event: Nov 7th 7-9pm

We are very proud to announce our first ever tasting event on Nov 7th which will be held at Beer Table, one of our favorite beer bars and the host of a monthly homebrewer's night.

Not just content with our 40+ flavors that we have dispensed at various markets and events, we have been working hard on foams, gels, flavored ice cubes and garnishes (don't forget, one of us is a chemist). This tasting represents some of our wackiest ideas, all of which we are trying out for the first time. Reserve your ticket by emailing: (tickets are $35)

Tasting Menu
- Citra hops & honey soda, with a
pink peppercorn foam head
- Salted plum soda with Thai basil

- Fresh pressed Honeycrisp apple soda with cranberry ice cubes

- Spiced ginger soda with coconut pandan foam
- Warm almond milk dessert

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ART/IS/AN/EATING tasting event - Nov 3rd at Brooklyn Arts Council

In conjunction with co-founder Caroline Mak's site specific installation at Brooklyn Arts Council, BAC Gallery and Mak invite you to a tasting of food made by fellow artists & food makers on Nov 3rd, 6:30pm to 8:30pm at BAC Gallery, 111 Front St.

Making art and making food have always been interrelated disciplines. For artist Caroline Mak, co-founder of Brooklyn Soda Works, whose site-specific installation Chain Reaction is now on-view in BAC Gallery, both the acts of creating food and art have an element of futility. The practice of making is long and labor intensive, all for the creation of objects that are consumed (or not at all) in the space of seconds by a ravenous yet sometimes indifferent public. Why then, are some people drawn to both these careers? In this tasting event, curated by the artist, a sampling of food items by a variety of these makers (some of whom may be better known to the general public by their work in food) will be open to the public. Rather than focusing on artists who use food as a medium, there will be a range of artists some of whom may not consider their trades particularly related, to those whose work in the food world sprung naturally from their experiences in the art world.  Whatever the reason, and however you may or may not see the hand of the artist present in these edibles, it promises to be an evening of deliciousness.


Ginger syrup by Morris Kitchen. Kari Morris studied painting at California College of the Arts and has worked organizing art fairs, and continues to develop recipes for Morris Kitchen.

Eleanor Whitney & Tracy Candido of Eat Art NYC will create mini-zines mapping the connection between two works of art and two dishes.  Tracy has extensive experience organizing exhibitions and public programs and is also the Director of the Community Cooking Club, a collaborative cooking and eating event. Eleanor is a Brooklyn-based arts administrator and educator, musician and writer, as well as a museum educator who has worked at the Brooklyn Museum and Rubin Museum.

Honey and maple syrup from Peter Nadin’s farm, Old Field Farm. Peter is a renowned artist who has exhibited his work worldwide, including a recent show at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise.  Old Field Farm in the Catskills consists of 150 acres with a wild bee pasture.

Kombucha from Rich Awn of Mombucha. Rich creates small hand crafted batches of kombucha using recipes handed down from his grandmother. Rich is also a performance artist and jester, and can be seen and heard, inserting himself into various mainstream media outlets.

Chocolates by Nathan Hodges of Raaka Chocolate. Nathan is an accomplished song writer and lead singer for the band Tall Stranger.

Cookies from Amelia Coulter of Sugarbuilt. Amelia Coulter is a trained sculptor and is the founder of Sugarbuilt. She creates edible lush cookies that reference art & architecture as well as regionally specific traditions & objects.

Salsa by Matt Burns of The Brooklyn Salsa Company. Matt is a classically trained actor who works in film, television and theater.

Soda by Caroline Mak of Brooklyn Soda Works. Brooklyn Soda Works was formed by an artist and a chemist in 2010. Fresh seasonal fruits and herbs are used to create flavor combinations such as Concord grape & fennel; and strawberry, hops & pink peppercorn. Their love of making things by hand and of experimentation are key components of the company.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Channing Daughters grape blend

One of our favorite things to do at the end of summer is to head out to Montauk and camp on the beach, hitting up the wineries and beaches after the summer Hampton's crowds have all gone home. We were lucky enough to bump into Channing Daughters Winemaker Christopher Tracy at the tasting room when we were there, and he very generously gave us a crate of beautiful grapes from their vineyard - muscat, sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio...  Of course we couldn't resist trying to make our version of a white grape soda. The result is pretty fascinating - light, a bit funky with so many of the characteristics of the grapes coming through.  It will only be available this coming Saturday at Smorgasburg!