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Friday, June 11, 2010

new flavors: salty plum, thai basil & lime; plus strawberry & green peppercorn

back from a very productive and tasty trip to Montreal!  Dinner at Au Pied de Cochon was wonderful, and we very shyly gave the sous chef our maple bacon soda!

2 new flavors this week: the first (salty plum, thai basil and lime) we'll name after our friends Van and his brother Don. It's the Vu Brothers  soda! We made it for them on their birthday, inspired by a Vietnamese drink that uses salty plums.  Yes, it sounds slightly odd, but trust us, the combination of salty and sweet is the perfect way to quence your thirst.

the second is a variation on a strawberry one we did two weeks ago.  This time we're using green peppercorns for an extra kick.  Strawberries are from Philips Farm in south Jersey.

And the third flavor: the regular, cucumber, lime and sea salt. See you guys at the Flea!

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